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Shalom and welcome to this site that started as my son’s school Bar Mitzvah project and ended as a minor obsession.

The research, which went far beyond a school project, became a fascinating journey into my own family; its past, present and future and to the places that had influenced that voyage.  This web site is both the result of that journey and the beginning of the next, as future chapters, I hope, that will be written by you, by relatives both close and far today living in Israel, South Africa, Russia, USA, Canada, England, Scotland, Sweden, Denmark and Australia.

The information on this site is based on whatever knowledge I have gleaned.  Many details are probably incorrect.  If you find something that requires correction please inform me.  In order to protect your privacy, sections containing private information have been protected and require a password which will be issued at my discretion.

So, enjoy surfing the site to discover your own past and please do participate in making this site active by updating the information, adding detail and by sending new material. 

Jon Seligman



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